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Home Theatre Installation In Chennai

We offer refined services to all homeowners and business owners, who require a professional video/audio assistance in Chennai. Our enterprise has collected a team of dedicated technicians, experienced in installing various types and models of the best home theatre in Chennai or private homes, apartments and workplaces. In all these years, we have gained a thankful customer base that keeps growing, allowing us to offer even more modern home theatre solutions in India.

We are one of the best home theatre dealers in Chennai with professional acoustic consultant for the better home theatre audio output. Most buyers want the best home theatres but have little or no knowledge about the physics of sound replication such as acoustic environment, sound amplification, speaker configuration, etc. Installing a home theatre without acoustic design might result in a highly muddled, echoing and dull listening experience with disappointing sound quality.

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Quality Products

We pick products from the recognized brands only because quality is what matters to us.


Your and your family safety is foremost for us. We take care your belongings with safe and smart technology.


A smart home is also a secure home. We offer smart controls like surveillance, door locks, videophones, etc.

Effective Support

With convenience and easy home solution, we serve you with lifetime automation support.

Home Theatre Solution In Chennai

Intellecto Automation Services is number one Home Theatre dealers in Chennai by top manufacturers. We’re a luxury home theatre design and installation specialists. Whether you’re interested in a simple stereo set up or a full size dedicated Home theatre in Chennai, you can find only the top service from Sterling, the best Home Theatre dealers in Chennai. Our clients receive the finest expert advice and consultancy from us. Connect the home theatre system to your laptop or mobile. Enjoy the movies at high definition with best music system in place.

Home Theatre Dealers In Chennai

Dedicated AV rooms is the trend in any house in today’s life style. Our Team of experts guide you in selecting the right Speakers / AV Receivers / Projector / Cables & Inter Connects, based on your room size and maintain high quality standards. We not only provide you Entertainment but an Experience.

Home Theatre Service In Chennai

We are the top home theatre service provider in Chennai and We are professional audio consultants who work with the best of architects and interior designers. We work on each detail of the listening room in order to enhance the overall experience of the home theatre in Chennai.

Home Theatre Solutions In Chennai

Home Theatre Systems Design and Installation in Chennai, Audio/Video Distribution, Networking Solutions, Home Automation Systems, Home Theatre Acoustics, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Lighting Specification Design Control Systems. Your Home is never complete without automation, which means you can Control, Command & Customize all your Electrical and Electronic Gadgets at the touch of your finger on Mobile, Tablet.

Acoustics In Chennai

Acoustics is the Science of sound without acoustic room treatment, even expensive speakers can sound awful. With the right room acoustics, even moderately priced speakers can sound terrific. Our Acoustic team bring the best sound experience, to achieve optimum performance of your speakers to have a Real Experience of your Entertainment.

Get help from the trusted home theatre system dealers in Chennai, India. In fact, installation of home theatres bring luxury and comfort. Entertainment Nine delivers the best possible sound and picture quality. Now, having a home theatre becomes even more exciting and fun. Needless to say, it is a perfect solution for spending good time with family and friends.

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What is Intellecto Automation Service?

Intellecto Automation Service is a automation company in Chennai providing like home automation in Chennai and office automation company in chennai, especially for security system, lighting system, sound system and smart home.

I want to get better sound with my TV. What are my options?

There are several different types of TV sound systems available, ranging from a single-speaker sound bar to full multi-speaker surround sound systems. Any one of these options can turn your room into a great listening space. Learn more about ways to get better sound with your TV to determine which option makes the most sense for you.

Do you give suggestion for Home Theatre Systems?

Yes, we suggest every client for home theatre system for the customer for better outcome and clarity  to give customer satisfaction with our professionals.

What Is The Payment Modes Accepted In Intellecto Automation Service in Chennai?

Both hot cash and net banking is available on Intellecto Automation

What all things can I automate in my home?

You can do automation like Home automation, Office automation, Home security systems, Home theater, Lighting automation and Modular Kitchen etc,.

What is Intellecto Automation Service do?

We do service, installation and maintenance for Home automation, Office automation, Home security systems, Lighting automation systems, Modular kitchen, CCTV camera installation, Home theater installation in Chennai.