Office Automation In Chennai

Office Automation in Chennai

Intellecto Automation Services is the leading authority on Office Automation in Chennai. If you are thinking about managing a large workforce through office automation solution, Intellecto is here to serve you the best.Our Office Automation Services includes Light Control System, Climate control system, Security system, voice and video conferencing system. We, at Intellecto, leverage a pool of experts in the automation, control and actuator field who can automate almost everything in your Office. With the proper understanding of your requirements, ideas and goals, our certified team provides you the best and customized office automation in Chennai.

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Quality Products

Quality is the most important part of our each and every product in our Office Automation Services.


Safety is an essential part in your workspace. We are using latest and advanced technology in our services to ensure your safety.


We always consider our clients safety and Security. The technology that we are using in our services are up to the industrial standards.

Effective Support

We offer life time support services for all of our clients, Which only includes service charge.

Office Automation Company In Chennai

Intellecto is one of the leading Office Automation Company in Chennai. Solve problems once, in one place , and scale up with Intellecto’s Automation Services. Office automation solutions from Intellecto Support security and stability, all while saving time. With our Office automation services, you can create simple, single automation platform to consistently automate all your company operations, across your entire company, including things like storage, security and networking. We have proven work experience as an Office Automation Company in Chennai.                          Contact us @ 91765 33433.

Smart Office Automation In Chennai

Intellecto has a decade of  experience in engineering, designing and integration of customized Smart Office Automation in Chennai. With our smart office automation systems, you can easily increase the productivity of your employees. Intellecto’s Smart office automation services will reduce the cost of operations and increase the volume of work. Our flexible Smart Office Automation services helps you in growing your business globally. Through vast experience and the adoption of proven development practice, Intellecto Automation Services is in a distinctive position on Smart office Automation in Chennai.

Commercial Automation In Chennai

We, at Intellecto, also provides Commercial Automation in Chennai. The primary benefits of our Commercial Automation Services are performance, availability, cost reduction and productivity. Intellecto’s Commercial Automation is a better and more intelligent approach to cost reduction and containment.

Smart Office Automation

The New Smart Office system is so familiar and growing nowadays. It is time to change your traditional office to a smart office. We are the leading service providers in Office Automation in Chennai. We have the latest Office Automation tools and types of equipment. We are using the latest technology in our services. You can see our previous client services on our websites. It helps you to make your everyday work as easier and simpler by saving your time.

Smart Office Automation In Chennai

Office Automation Company

We will provide an Office Automation Company in Chennai. It means without human process it will be done like it enables information to move from one place to another in its own way. We can provide the best Office Automation equipment like Printing, Office support, Photo ID equipment and then money counters. The features of Office Automation will be a well-designed workflow and then easier to study for an end-user. We can do best for Office Automation solution all can done manual and clear any queries and dedicated to answering the phone for our employees.

Commercial Automation

We do automation for all commercial places in Chennai like showrooms and malls. Large showrooms need to utilize Dynamic Lighting in order to best present the product on sale. Without the proper presentation of Products, we cannot sell the product, so every product needs a proper presentation. This proper presentation can be done by our Intellecto Automation team which will make your showroom to smart showroom. Which in turn increase sales.

Commercial Automation In Chennai

Office Automation Service Providers in Chennai

Intellecto, One of the largest Office Automation Service Providers in Chennai, helps clients to grow their businesses by integrating best-in-class Office Automation Services. Our Objective is to understand client’s businesses, expectation, needs and address them through our experts. We have proven experience in office automation services and 100+ certified professionals with us. This puts us in the best position to design and implement Office Automation Solutions that delivers agile, scalable and cost-effective automation services to meet client’s needs and expectations.

We, Intellecto Office Automation Service Providers in Chennai are expertize in providing end to end solution for Office Automation Services. Our services includes Lighting System, Climate Control System, Security System, Video Conferencing Solution

Lighting Control System

Intellecto’s  Lighting Control System offers an increased safety and comfort for Employees in your Office. Our Lighting Control System is energy efficient and user friendly solution for shading and lighting control within Office Automation System. Our Office Automation Services uses synergies of wired and wireless control technologies. We at Intellecto provides the right level of light control system for your whole office building.

Automation Company In Chennai
Climate Control System

Climate Control System

Intellecto’s effective Climate Control System reduces Energy Consumption in Office. We offers an effective air handling unit for indoor installation. Our technology is based on optimization algorithms which control air contamination and ventilation. The main advantages of our climate control systems are lower energy consumption in Office and better indoor air quality. Over the years, we have gotten more precise with Climate Control System. Try Intellecto’s Climate Control System for Healthier, Cleaner and more Comfortable Environment.


Office Security System

Intellecto’s Office Security System provides complete safety and protection for your office resources from hazards such as accidents
and crime. Our office security system services includes Alarms (to provide on-site and off-site warning of potential risk),  Access Control System (to prevent un-authorized access), Intrusion detection Devices (to allow electronic monitoring of potential criminals), Biometric Technology and CCTV Camera system for monitoring.

Office Security System
Video Conferencing Solution

Video Conferencing Solution

Bring Video Conferencing to large conference rooms and huddle rooms with Intellecto’s Video Conferencing Solution. Complete Video Conferencing Solution from Intellecto allows participants to run video conference meeting quickly. We provide both Room based Video Conferencing and Cloud based Video Conferencing Solutions. Every office has its own communication requirement, We are here for you to give you the best Video Conferencing Solution.                              Contact Us @ 91765 33933 for more details.

Office Automation

Installing a smart automation system into your office space can help to make everyday work tasks more efficient and time effective. Imagine working in an office where everything can be controlled with ease from several inbuilt digital screens, from lighting to air-condition and security systems, it can all be controlled from screens located throughout your office. Creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for your employees is important to encourage maximum productivity and work output, by installing an automation system all levels of comfort can be easily controlled.

Not only does the installation of an automation system make your workplace easier to control, it is also a great step towards making a more environmentally friendly office, where resources can be controlled and limited depending on usage.

Automation Company In Chennai

Office Lighting Control System

With large office spaces, it can become difficult to ensure lights are switched off when not in use, often leading to high energy wastage and damage to the environment as a consequence. Our lighting systems combine the use of the latest bulb and lighting technology, alongside the best programming from our in-house lighting technicians who are on hand to create the most effective lighting system for your office space.

Climate Control System

Office Climate Control Systems

There is nothing worse than shivering in a cold office in the winter or sweating in the midst of summer. Not only is this uncomfortable for your employees but working in an uncomfortable climate means work productivity levels will not be at their optimum. A climate control system can help you stay in control of the temperature in different rooms of your office, ensuring that the temperature is comfortable for everyone and encourages positive work output.


Office Security Systems

With hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of electronics and technology is stored within so many offices overnight and at the weekends, a high-quality security system is one hundred per cent necessary to keep your office safe and protected from thieves and damage. An automated security system within your office can be as extensive or limited as you require, depending on how secure you would like your office to be, from CCTV security to limited door access to different rooms within your building and alarm activation Mayflower can provide a range of various services to keep your space secure.

Video Conferencing Solution

Office Voice and Video Conferencing Systems

Internal and external meetings are an important and essential part of many companies daily activities.  With our voice and video conferencing system, you are able to have a video conference call from the Board Room with another department elsewhere in the building, with the installation of our system this can be done at the click of a button. Alternatively, if you need to make video conference calls between yourself and other offices abroad, we can install a system for this too. There is nothing more frustrating than limited vision or audio when making an important conference call, so incorporating a Voice and Video Conferencing System into your office automation plans is key in avoiding this.

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What is Intellecto Automation Service?

Intellecto Automation Service is an automation company in Chennai providing home automation in Chennai and office automation company in Chennai, especially for a security system, lighting system, sound system and smart home.

What is office automation?

Office Automation is the system tools that enable move form a data from one place another place, it’s obsolete remote not for human. These tools also help to provide collect, analyse securely and manage to accomplished process for everyday task.

What are the advantages of office automation?

Important benefits of an office automation system as follow to the data store and management, business process development, reduced cost, improved accuracy.

What Is The Payment Modes Accepted In Intellecto Automation Service in Chennai?

Both hot cash and net banking or online transactions like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS is available on Intellecto Automation.

What all things can I automate in my home?

You can do automation like Home automation, Home security systems, Home theatre, Lighting automation, Modular Kitchen and Office automation in Chennai.

What is Intellecto Automation Service do?

We do service, installation and maintenance for Home automation, Home security systems, Home theatre installation, Lighting automation systems, Modular kitchen, CCTV camera installation, Office automation in Chennai.