Home Security System In Chennai

Home Security System

Intellecto Automation Service provides home security systems in Chennai with the special features like security alarm, motion detector and security system will immediately call the family, friends to alert them. Protection is ensured for 24/7 with video record. It also acts as the security guards. We offer all this service at affordable price.

Best home automation in Chennai that integrates the most advanced home security technologies with innovative networking capabilities to bring you full-featured security solutions serving any size facility. We have got not only your home covered completely. From your main door to gas leaks and motion sensors. We cover every aspect of your home and life. Home security system in Chennai provide safety to families from incidents such as burglary, fire and gas leaks.

Our Home Security Solutions


Burglar Alarm

This alarm system is solely meant to detect intrusion and unauthorized entry into the premises. Intellecto Automation Service is specialized in Manufacturing these burglar alarms for the industrial, commercial, residential and military purpose to avoid theft and other property damages.

Video Door Phone1

Video Door Phone

Installing these phones on the entrance doors keep an eye on every person coming in and going out.

Intellecto Automation Service provides highly functional Video Door phones at reasonable prices.


Smart Lock

These Smart locks permit your iPhones / smartphones to quickly lock and unlock your doors. You can integrate them into your Home Kit and hence the rest of the security is taken good care of. Intellecto Automation Service smarter purity locks possess simple interface and are easily compatible with the devices that we use today.

CCTV Installation

CCTV Camera In Chennai

These CCTV camera systems are either analog, IP based or hybrid. They are available in different mechanical mounting configurations like Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), Fixed or Dome mounted. They are further graded by their spectral responses to cover visible spectrum and also Infra-red spectrum for night vision thermal imagery.

Safety Lockers

Safety Lockers

Safety Locker Protect your valuables from burglary and fire. Ideal for stores, restaurants, small /medium sized businesses and homes.


Fire Alarm System

A Fire Alarm System provides the earliest possible warning of a developing fire break out through sensors and detectors, and raises an alarm through sirens and strobes. This facilitates safe and swift evacuation of people from your premises and can also trigger fire suppression systems.

Entrance Control

Entrance Control

Intellecto Automation Service supplies security entrances to the industries where access to the confidential data is needed to be secured from unauthorized entries. For this purpose, we supply sliding doors, under-vehicle scanning systems, metal detectors, video door phone and boom barriers, as needed.


Access Control System

Access Control Systems prevent unauthorized entry through doors, gates, elevators etc. The access control system not only determines whether access should be granted to the protected area based on the credential presented, but also records that event for future review.


Public Addressing System

Public addressing systems are the most effective way to instantly communicate across a vast area. Be it in a factory, university or shopping center. We offer public addressing systems to ensure that you get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Electric Fence

Electric Fence

Fence carrying electrical pulses across its end are used to prevent unauthorized entries within the premises. Such highly durable and minor electric shock bearing fences are supplied, installed and served by Intellecto Automation Service on regular basis.


Gate Automation

Making entrance doors and points automatic is the purpose served by the Gate Automation Systems. These make use of motors regulated either by means of remote controls or smartphones. You can order one of the best quality and highly automatic gate Automation systems at Intellecto Automation Service.

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Energy Saving

Quality Products

We pick products from the recognized brands only because quality is what matters to us.


Your and your family safety is foremost for us. We take care your belongings with safe and smart technology.


A smart home is also a secure home. We offer smart controls like surveillance, door locks, videophones, etc.

Effective Support

With convenience and easy home solution, we serve you with lifetime automation support.


What is Intellecto Automation Service?

Intellecto Automation Service is a automation company in Chennai providing like home automation in Chennai and office automation company in chennai, especially for security system, lighting system, sound system and smart home.

Can I operate my alarm and stay inside my home?

Yes! A properly designed home security system in Chennai allows a separate setting for “at home” or “stay” mode,  and “away” functions.

Do you give suggestion for Home Security Systems?

Yes, we suggest every client for home security system in Chennai for the customer safety and as per need to give customer satisfaction with our professionals.

What Is The Payment Modes Accepted In Intellecto Automation Service in Chennai?

Both hot cash and net banking is available on Intellecto Automation

What all things can I automate in my home?

You can do automation like Home automation, Office automation, Home security systems, Home theater, Lighting automation and Modular Kitchen etc,.

What is Intellecto Automation Service do?

We do service, installation and maintenance for Home automation, Office automation, Home theater installation, Lighting automation systems, Modular kitchen, CCTV camera installation and Home security systems in Chennai.